Hardening Cisco Routers, Paperback by Akin, Thomas, ISBN 0596001665, ISBN-13 …

Hardening Cisco Routers, Paperback by Akin, Thomas, ISBN 0596001665, ISBN-13 …

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Hardening Cisco Routers, Paperback by Akin, Thomas, ISBN 0596001665, ISBN-13 …

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As a network administrator, auditor or architect, you know the importance of securing your network and finding security solutions you can implement quickly. This succinct book departs from other security literature by focusing exclusively on ways to secure Cisco routers, rather than the entire network. The rational is simple: If the router protecting a network is exposed to hackers, then so is the network behind it. “Hardening Cisco Routers” is a reference for protecting the protectors. Included are the following topics: The importance of router security and where routers fit into an overall security planDifferent router configurations for various versions of Cisco’s IOSStandard ways to access a Cisco router and the security implications of eachPassword and privilege levels in Cisco routersAuthentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) controlRouter warning banner use (as recommended by the FBI) Unnecessary protocols and services commonly run on Cisco routersSNMP securityAnti-spoofingProtocol security for RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, NTP, and BGPLogging violationsIncident responsePhysical securityWritten by Thomas Akin, an experienced Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Cisco Academic Instructor (CCAI), the book is well organized, emphasizing practicality and a hands-on approach. At the end of each chapter, Akin includes a Checklist that summarizes the hardening techniques discussed in the chapter. The Checklists help you double-check the configurations you have been instructed to make, and serve as quick references for future security procedures.Concise and to the point, “Hardening Cisco Routers” supplies you with all the tools necessary to turn a potential vulnerability into a strength. In an area that is otherwise poorly documented, this is the one book that will help you make your Cisco routers rock solid. Network administrators, auditors and architects know the importance of securing networks and finding security solutions that can be implemented quickly. This book focuses on ways to secure Cisco routers, it is a reference for protecting the protectors. This small, handy reference helps system and network administrators make sure their Cisco routers are secure. Because it’s about securing the routers themselves, and not the entire network, it’s highly practical. The book includes Cisco Router Security Checklists for quick reference, not to mention value-added topics that incorporate the most current thinking about security: DoS attack mitigation, router auditing, and FBI recommendations on incident response. Hardening Cisco Routers covers a topic that is currently poorly documented but of vital interest to any administrator whose network uses Cisco routers.

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Author Thomas Akin
Number Of Pages 194 pages
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Language English
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Publication Year 2002

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Table Of Content
Preface 1. Router Security Router Security? Routers: The Foundation of the Internet What Can Go Wrong What Routers Are at Risk? Moving Forward 2. IOS Version Security The Need for a Current IOS Determining the IOS Version IOS Versions and Vulnerabilities IOS Security Checklist 3. Basic Access Control Authentication Versus Authorization Points of Access Basic Access Control Remote Administration Protection with IPSec Basic Access Control Security Checklist 4. Passwords and Privilege Levels Password Encryption Clear-Text Passwords service password-encryption Enable Security Strong Passwords Keeping Configuration Files Secure Privilege Levels Password Checklist 5. AAA Access Control Enabling AAA Local Authentication TACACS+ Authentication RADIUS Authentication Kerberos Authentication Token-Based Access Control AAA Security Checklist 6. Warning Banners Legal Issues Example Banner Adding Login Banners Warning Banner Checklist 7. Unnecessary Protocols and Services ICMP Source Routing Small Services Finger HTTP CDP Proxy ARP Miscellaneous SNMP Unnecessary Protocols and Services Checklist 8. SNMP Security SNMP Versions Securing SNMP v1 and v2c Securing SNMP v3 SNMP Management Servers SNMP Security Checklist 9. Secure Routing and Antispoofing Antispoofing Routing Protocol Security Routing Protocol and Antispoofing Checklist 10. NTP NTP Overview Configuring NTP NTP Checklist 11. Logging Logging in General Router Logging ACL Violation Logging AAA Accounting Logging Checklist A. Checklist Quick ReferenceB. Physical SecurityC. Incident ResponseD. Configuration ExamplesE. ResourcesIndex

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